Earn an advanced degree at a frontier of science and engineering

The BIOTRANS program aims to prepare future leaders of industrial and academic research to think, collaborate, and solve problems at the intersection of the engineering and biological sciences.

Prospective Students

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Why Should I Apply?

Program Highlights

  • Cross-disciplinary and interdisciplinary graduate education
  • Cross-disciplinary research rotations
  • Co-advisors in engineering and life science
  • Education for professional development
  • Interdisciplinary grant writing experience

Research Rotations & Field Experience

  • Short-term "exploratory" research opportunities with multiple BIOTRANS faculty
  • Exposure to research methods in both biology and engineering
  • Use research rotation experience to identify co-advisors for thesis research

Trainee Support

  • Financial support for tuition and fees
  • Stipends up to $30,000 per year
  • Initial appointments of 12 months
  • Internal grant challenge for additional support
  • Interact with colleagues at conferences in the US or abroad
Submit your resume here to let us know you're interested

Who should apply?

  • Prospective students with bachelor's or master's degrees in engineering, biology, or closely related fields
  • All US citizens and permanent residents, and International students seeking a PhD degree

Applying to the BIOTRANS program at Virginia Tech

To apply now, go here for a description of the application process.  We look forward to seeing your application!